Mandatory ten-year liability

For houses (family homes and apartments) for which the building permit is issued after 01/07/2018, not only architects but also all the contractors involved and other service providers are required to insure their 10-year liability. This is as a result of the law of 31/05/2017.

It is best to guarantee this liability yourself. That is why Protect has provided architects and engineers with an extra guarantee in their own professional liability policy.

Are you already a Protect customer, and do you want a ten-year liability guarantee for yourself?

Please indicate each property for which the building permit was issued after 01/07/2018 using the digital declaration tool of MyProtect for Architects, which will soon be available on this website. You will immediately receive your digital insurance certificate. The premium is paid at the time of the annual settlement in January of the next year. The tool has also been developed to make it easier to check the certificates of other construction partners, which is another one of the obligations imposed on architects by the new law.

You are an architect or an engineer, but you're not yet a Protect client?

Discover here what we can do for you and how we can make your work easier. Feel free to request a quotation for professional liability. If you agree, you will also immediately receive a login and password for MyProtect. For every house with building application dating after 01/07/2018, you can simply apply for the additional ten-year liability guarantee and you will immediately receive your digital insurance certificate.

If your client or general contractor wishes to take out a comprehensive policy which insures the ten-year liability of all partners, please pay attention to the following:

  • It is always better to take out your own liability insurance, as this will enable you to take control and manage your policy in case of a claim.
  • What happens if the guarantee is exceeded? Who will pay for the excess?
  • Is the guarantee high enough in relation to the project?
  • Does the client or contractor pay the full premium himself or does he let you pay a share? In the latter case, check that your part is not much more expensive than your own individual premium.

Did you decide to take out a comprehensive policy together? If so, it is best to do so with the same insurer of the architect and engineer in order to avoid discussions between the insurer of the comprehensive policy and the TPL insurer.

Request a quotation here. For those who already insure their professional liability with Protect it will also be integrated via the digital filing tool MyProtect for Architects which will be available soon. This tool will provide all construction and other information about the site. In addition, you will receive an additional administrative fee of EUR 40 per site when you take out a policy with Protect.

You don't have to do anything yourself, the quotation is sent directly to the policyholder's mailbox.