Collective policy accident A24+

Frequent trips and site visits always present a risk of accidents. Are your self-employed employees sufficiently insured for this? The A24 collective accident insurance policy guarantees compensation for loss of income in the event of accidents occurring during and as a result of the company's professional activity. Accidents on the way home and to the site are also guaranteed. The policy will give you peace of mind and can be an extra means of binding your employees to your office.


Who is the policyholder and who is insured?

  • Policyholder: architect firms, interior designers, security coordinators, experts, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, etc.
  • Insured persons: self-employed staff and trainees if they act in the name and for the account of the policyholder.

What is insured?

The policy provides for a benefit in the event of temporary and permanent incapacity for work and death and guarantees a predefined annual salary, which can be freely chosen per employee. This amount determines both the compensation in case of incapacity and the annual premium to be paid.

What are the benefits in case of an accident?

  • Temporary incapacity: daily allowance
  • Permanent unfitness: One-off capital
  • Death: if desired, one-time capital

What is the waiting period?

5 days.

What are the prices?

The annual premium is set at 1.5% of the selected annual remuneration.