Sooner or later, all designers find out that a liability insurance is essential to perform, even though it is not legally required. Regulations become more complex each and every time, whereas project owners are more demanding and empowered. Each year, one out of 5 designers are involved in a claim, and financial fallout can sometimes be overwhelming.

Protect is specialized in liability policies for liberal and intellectual professions. We insure more than 6.500 architects and design offices, expert surveyors, safety coordinators, landscape architects, interior designers, energy experts, environmental experts ...

Looking for a tailor made insurance policy with adaptative guarantees that suit your project and your form of collaboration ? Protect is specialized in technical insurances for the construction sector.

All the coverages and guarantees you would need are standard with the Construction All Risk insurance. Whereas the comprehensive ten-year liability insurance already complies with the new legislative framework. In addition, Protect is also offering two unique incurance policies : a ten-year liability insurance for construction sites located in France and a warranty insurance for facade renovation.

Need a better protection that covers more than malpractice ? Protect has designed insurance policies that specifically meet those needs. The A24+ policy guarantees an income compensation in case of accident. This insurance can be taken individually or collectively by an architectural office.

The legal assistance insurance policy, on the other hand, can be taken is addition to the a24+. A rapidly increasing team can often lead to legal issues that are not related to a malpractice. As an independent professional, you need to rely on a professional assistance in legal matters.