Want to insure multiple designers?

You need to insure several designers for professional liability for one project? Or a client requires you to provide cover during your entire liability period? The Single Site policy offers the solution.

As an architect, you are ethically and legally required to take out a professional liability policy. Your client may sometimes require you to take out a project policy that immediately covers you during the entire liability period, without the option of cancellation. The Single Site policy is also a good solution for joint ventures!




  • Ten-year guarantee, no cancellation possible
  • Ideal for: higher capitals, special partnerships, several building partners ... 
  • Legal counselling and advice

Who is insured?

Possibility to insure all designers with or without their subcontractors in 1 policy.

What is insured?

Full corporate and professional liability per project.

For which period are you insured?

The policy starts when the signed quote is received and ends 10 years after the provisional acceptance. The policy cannot be cancelled by the insurer (except in case of non-payment of the premium).

What is the target price? 

  • Premium depends on the value of the works, type of project, parties to be insured, excess
  • Provisional premium at the start of the policy, settlement on the basis of the total final value of the works